11th Annual Meeting of Proteomics Society, India, 2019 and International Conference on Proteomics for System Integrated Bio-Omics, One Health and Food Safety
2nd Dec to 4th Dec 2019

Pre-Conference Workshops

28th Nov-1st Dec, 2019

International Conference

2nd Dec-4th Dec, 2019

Education Day

1st Dec, 2019

Honourable Deligates


Dr. Trilochan Mohapatra

DG, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), INDIA


Dr. Shekhar C. Mande

DG, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), INDIA

Our Speakers



Targeted Proteomics Workshop

Quantitative Proteomics and Skyline (Mike MacCoss, UW Genome Sciences, USA Mike MacCoss )
Hands-on-Skyline workflow (Saicharan Saicharan and Vipin Kumar, IIT Bombay Vipin Kumar )
Talk - Targeted proteomics applications in brain tumour (Sanjeeva Srivastava, IIT Bombay Sanjeeva Srivastava )
Hands-on session with Panorama (Vagisha Sharma, Washington University, USA Vagisha Sharma )


Quantitative Proteomics Workshop

Quantitative Proteomics (Aswini K. Panigrahi , USA Aswini K. Panigrahi )
Hands-on software session on proteome quantification
Talk – Proteomics: Biomarker Discovery
Mass Spectrometer Company-demo session


Proteogenomics Workshop

Advanced Proteomic Data Analysis
Basics of Statistical Data Analysis (D. R. Mani, Broad Institute, USA D. R. Mani )
Machine Learning and Large-scale Data Analysis (David Fenyo, New York University, USA David Fenyo )

Education Day-cum-Workshop

Metabolomics tools for addressing biological problems

Lead organiser (Dr. Prasad Phapale, EMBL Dr. Prasad Pphale )
Hands-on software session - (Dr. Vineeta Rai, Pennsylvania, USA Dr. Vineeta Rai )
Guest talk - (Gary Siuzdak (Skype/ VC) Gary Siuzdak )
Mass spec company demo session

Pre-Conference Workshop

  • Day 1 Schedule : 28th Nov 2019, Thursday
  • Day 2 Schedule : 29th Nov 2019, Friday
  • Day 3 Schedule : 30th Nov 2019, Saturday
  • Day 4 Schedule : 1st Dec 2019, Sunday

Education Day

  • Day 1 Schedule : 1st Dec 2019, Monday

International Conference

  • Day 1 Schedule : 2nd Dec 2019, Monday
  • Day 2 Schedule : 3rd Dec 2019, Tuesday
  • Day 3 Schedule : 4th Dec 2019, Wednesday