11th Annual Meeting of Proteomics Society, India, 2019 and International Conference on Proteomics for System Integrated Bio-Omics, One Health and Food Safety
2nd- 4th Dec 2019,

Biomarker Discovery, Translational Omics and Entrepreneurship

The race of 18 years which started from the finishing point of “the herald of human genome sequence in 2001” to decode the genome fully seems a fresh step with every step taken forward as the technologies in genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics, together with advanced analytical methods in biostatistics, bioinformatics, and computational biology, are creating novel dimensions in our understanding of the molecular and genetic basis of pathophysiological differences among individuals. Human draft proteome projects in 2014 together with extraordinary advancement in mass spectrometer instrumentation have ushered in a new era in biomedical scien.

The research findings are breaking the confinements of laboratory. The pace with which technology and scientific efforts are moving forward is spectacular. But there is fear that we are not moving too linear to reach to the problem back. The gap between the freshly acquired knowledge and its use in solving the problem must be reduced. Filtering out the junk and picking out the most useful information from the variety of vast omics data is challenging and warrants for more close research where problem and solution could mirror each other. New generations are ready with honed up skill and contemporary tools. Laboratory experiences must not drain down to bins instead it should be recognized, refined and polished for better use. Identifying these gaps in the translation of laboratory findings, the ICPBHF-2019 is committed to unearthing excellence. Many new ideas sprout during the wrap-up phase of doctoral research which dies simply because such ideas don’t land in fertile soil. We invite industries, researchers and scholars to come forth and share their experience, need and thoughts for future. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is an added dimension to the progressive knowledge in omics. The PSI feels that the young minds should have a clear vision about the limitation and scope of their research. ICPBHF-2019 ensures to bring consonance with the initiatives of Government of India, in encouraging the doctorates and postdocs to have their own startups.