11th Annual Meeting of Proteomics Society, India, 2019 and International Conference on Proteomics for System Integrated Bio-Omics, One Health and Food Safety
2nd- 4th Dec 2019,


Organizing Secretary

Dr. Sanjeeva Srivastava (IIT Bombay)
Dr. A. K. Mohanty (NDRI, Karnal)

Anything you wanted to know about OMICS but afraid to ask

NDRI is a premier centre for Proteomics facility, especially, in recent years gain expertise in biomarker discovery in the field of animal science, lactation biology and fluidomics. The NDRI-referral centre has established a state-of-the-art proteomics facility that is being utilised to explore and validate candidate biomarkers in a wide array of excretory non-invasive biological fluids such as urine, saliva, milk, as well as invasive fluid like a serum. The qualitative and quantitative alterations in the endogenous peptidome/proteome composition of such fluids recapitulate the events in the body and are very useful for diagnostic purpose. Thus, it can be utilised as an excellent source for the discovery of biomarkers associated with general health and disease status. In that path, the first thrust within the field of clinical proteomics is the profiling of such endogenous peptides/proteins. Minimal information is available in relevance to animal science. We, as an animal proteomics lab has taken this challenge to fill the gap and disperse the information publically.

In the occasion of 11th PSI meet, we are obliged to organise the pre-conference workshop sessions. It includes the incorporation of multiple fields of advanced practical courses while exploring the relevance of omics in basic and clinical research. It will also cover the proteomic technologies, including TARGET AND DISCOVERY PROTEOMICS and provides the perfect platform for the understanding of comprehensive subject knowledge of PROTEOGENOMICS. International expert leaders of the field will teach the courses.

As a part of this intensive training, each participant will get hands-on training to understand the mass spectrometry-derived proteomic data analysis and also the collaboration of proteomics and genomics data.

Note: Limited number of seats ~60 are available for workshops. Please hurry and book the opportunity.
Additionally, after your registration NDRI PSI-2019 will ask for the research note and short CV of participants.

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